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Swimming with horses has to be one of the most incredible experiences in the world.

This is the most beautiful marriage of human and horse, whether you are riding or swimming alongside – especially after a long ride on a hot day in the saddle. The sensation of weightlessness as the horse enters the water is indescribable – having a 700kg animal powering through the water alongside you before resting in the shallows and allowing you to climb back on board is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We've compiled a list of the best places in the world to swim with horses. Granted, they made the cut by also providing incredible post-ride experiences ranging from a spa safari in Bali to a cocktail at sundown overlooking the giraffes in Africa, but all are united by the bonding of water and horse.

Safari on horses in Mozambique

Pat, Mandy, and Charlotte present the epic adventures of the 104 horses rescued from South Africa at the Mozambique Horse Safari.To begin the ride, the guides lead the horse into the sea, where they thrash the water and then lie down to wallow and roll. This is a wonderful wake-up call for the horses, comparable to a splash of cold water for a human.

Riders are invited to mount bareback and wade out to deeper water, following their guide along the coastline past colorful dhows and sandy beaches towards distant Mangrove trees, once the horses have settled.

The riders will feel the exploding surge and strength as the horse propels forward as they progress deeper into the sea.

This is available for beginners and up, with prices starting at £50 pp for a day rider Ocean Walk – accommodation is extra.

Horizon Horseback Riding in South Africa

Horizon Horseback has been operating horseback safaris in Africa since 1993. They offer three-horse safaris in South Africa and Botswana (Signature Safari, African Explorer, and Tuli Safari), and with a large herd of horses, the experience is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts.

As if galloping alongside giraffes and zebras wasn't enough, the rides are always marked by this incredible unity of horse and rider as they submerge into the dam to cool off. The sensation of weightlessness as the horse leaves the ground is sure to stay with guests.

Prices start at £225 per person per night, which includes accommodation and meals.

The untamed horses Sumba, Nihi

The shores of the remote island of Sumba and the wild horses of NIHI are only 6,058 miles away. Every morning, a herd of 20 wild horses is released from Sandalwood Stables to gallop along the 2.5-kilometer beach and swim in the sea.

This is a truly magical spectacle to witness for guests enjoying a morning coffee at the hotel, and it is often surprising how much the horses love engaging with the guests – from playing football to swimming together, the horses really enjoy the interaction with humans.

Yoga, meditation, and safari spa rides through the jungle to the NIHIoka Spa are also available at the stables. Beach rides start at £75 per person for an hour.

Horses Swimming in Cornwall, England

We are all familiar with Cornwall's captivating scenery, dramatic coastline, and spectacular beaches, which provide the ideal natural playground for many water sports; however, did we include horseback riding on this list?

Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced horse rider, 'Cornwall Swimming Horses' will be an ideal experience for you – each horse is chosen to meet your specific needs.

During the booking process, your riding abilities will be assessed, and you will be taken down to the seaside to breathe in the fresh salty air before being offered the incredible opportunity to venture into the wild waves on horseback for some swimming.

This 3-hour escape is a must-have addition to any Cornish adventure, costing only £150 per person.

Jamaica's Half Moon Equestrian Centre

The Half Moon Equestrian Centre has been in operation for 30 years on the beautiful island of Jamaica. A horseback ride to Half Moon can include relaxation at the spa, an exploration of Jamaican cuisine at their dining hall, the opportunity to visit the famous golf course, and, of course, horseback swimming in the turquoise waters.

It's one thing to say you've swum in Jamaica's crystal blue seas, but to share your swim with an animal as magical as a horse is humbling.

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