This year, 45% of Americans intend to travel


Man in Airport

Consumers are ready to pack their belongings after two years of on-again, off-again shutdowns and travel restrictions. ENGINE Insights performed a survey to learn more about how, where, and why consumers are traveling this year, and why they aren't.

80% of consumers planning to travel this year intend to stay in North America, with only 31% planning to travel worldwide.

Other significant findings include:

This year, 29% of Americans are not taking a vacation, and 49% say it is because travel is too expensive.

Only 31% plan to take their children, while 58% want to vacation with their spouse or significant other.

During their vacation, 46% prefer to visit multiple locations.

80% plan to travel within the United States and Canada, and 77% plan to travel anyplace in the United States. The Bahamas (40%), Puerto Rico (25%), and Jamaica are the top three Caribbean destinations (23%).
France (33%), Italy (33%), and Spain (33%) are the top three travel destinations in Europe (24%).

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