In July, the Corinth Canal will reopen for shipping

Corinth Canal

The reopening of the Corinth Canal in July, the most iconic modern Greek engineering accomplishment, is kicking off a wave of growth that will benefit both the local population and the country's economy.

Upgraded services for our customers through the simultaneous launch, in July, of the company's new dynamic portal and e-commerce services, with the creation of a new customer care culture via the internet and the provision of high-quality personalized services, online notification (arrival/transit), and online ticketing, are indicative of the new era for Corinth Canal SA. Corinth Canal SA purchased the new "VERGINA" tugboat in early 2022 and promptly added it to its fleet.

The new tugboat, which is the result of modern shipbuilding and technology, helps the company achieve its goal of providing dependable services by allowing its partners to use the tugboat for towing and assistance with safe docking of merchant vessels at the ports of Corinth, Kiato, Thisvi, Kalamaki, and Sousaki.

With the help of the Peloponnese Region, upgrade initiatives such as fencing along the Canal (by 2022) and the installation of a 3.5-kilometer paved pathway are set to begin soon. These initiatives will transform the region's appearance, boosting its aesthetic appeal while also providing visitors with secure access to the canal. The first phase of the projects is nearing completion, which will allow the Canal to reopen in July. The Canal will close for a few months in the autumn, when vessel transits are relatively limited, and the second phase of the project will begin with the completion of works to mitigate landslides and stabilize the banks.

This purpose is also served by HCAP's feasibility assessment for the whole length of the Canal, which allows us to examine what additional projects might be required for the correct maintenance of this historic monument. HCAP is also considering more targeted development in the area. As a result, a development plan with appropriate economic applications has been created to promote and benefit the region and its inhabitants.

In a normal year (2019), 11,417 vessels transited the Corinth Canal, an increase of +7.5 percent, with tourism accounting for 55% of transits, highlighting the project's importance and promise for the wider region following the repairs. All types of vessels use the canal, from small tourist boats to huge commerce vessels, cruise ships, and tankers. Sailing through the canal, especially for cruise ships, is one of the most memorable vacation experiences.

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