The Netherlands' Best Places to Live


Amsterdam City Canal

Due to its stable economy, superb education system, and high-quality healthcare facilities, the Netherlands attracts thousands of expats each year. As a result, the World Economic Forum named the country as the best place to live for expat families in 2018.

We can assist you if you are considering relocating to the Netherlands. We've compiled a list of our top five travel places that we suggest you should consider:

1. The city of Amsterdam

When it comes to the greatest places to live in the Netherlands, there is no greater candidate than the Dutch capital. We are not shocked that the city is home to over 180 ethnicities. What more could you want than to be met by magnificent canals, numerous historical landmarks, and a plethora of green spaces?

Expats are drawn to Amsterdam because of the city's worldwide job prospects, which include major European headquarters and a diverse range of industries. It's also a hotbed for thriving small enterprises and start-ups, which means there are even more career prospects for people looking for work.

Amsterdam has something to offer everyone. There are numerous museums, restaurants, theaters, and concert venues to choose from, providing a diverse range of activities and things to do. The city also offers a variety of unique cultural events, such as canal-side concerts and a variety of outdoor festivals, which are particularly enjoyable in the summer.

2. Rotterdam (Netherlands)

If you want to live somewhere with a more relaxed attitude toward life, Rotterdam might be the place for you. A wide range of musicians and artists flock to this creative refuge, which draws inspiration from the city's modern architecture and busy clubs and bars.

Rotterdam has established itself as one of the world's most international cities, with a large number of multinational corporations establishing their headquarters here. Job prospects here are particularly tempting to expats, and as a result, individuals from all over the world flock here.

There is a house for everyone in Rotterdam, whether you are moving with your family or just for business. There are neighborhoods that are ideal for families, with plenty of playgrounds and peaceful, green spaces, as well as neighborhoods that are ideal for those seeking the high life, with luxury apartments and restaurants, and neighborhoods that are ideal for business professionals and artists seeking a cultural hub.

3. Utrecht

If you're wanting to relocate with your entire family, Utrecht is the ideal destination. Utrecht is one of the world's top ten unsung locations, according to Lonely Planet (2012), and was ranked one of the top five happiest places to live by BBC Travel. If this doesn't persuade you to relocate to the city, we don't know what would!

There are a number of highly ranked elementary and secondary schools in this area that provide a high-quality education at a low cost. Because the city is also home to a world-renowned university, parents can rest confident that their children will have excellent educational options throughout their childhood.

Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands, with easy access to major towns like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, as well as foreign destinations like Cologne. This makes it excellent for avid explorers who wish to visit more of their home nation, as well as business travelers who travel frequently.

4. The Hague, Netherlands

Are you seeking for a place to live that blends city life with the pleasures of the beach?
If that's the case, The Hague is the place to be. The city spans for 11 kilometers along the beautiful sands of Scheveningen beach, which is located next to the North Sea. The renowned pier, bustling beach clubs, and a variety of other activities are all available here. If you are a foodie or prefer dining out, there are a plethora of restaurants and pubs along the shore where you can have a spectacular sunset supper.

Thousands of expats flock to The Hague because of its beautiful environment, which blends modern skylines with old structures. With the vast assortment of stores and museums to see, the city center is always bustling and you will never run out of things to do.

When it comes to blending into The Hague, there is nothing to be concerned about. The city has become an international hub, similar to Amsterdam, with a mix of Dutch and international people from over 100 different nations, making it simpler for expats to settle in to their new home.

5. Leiden

Any expat moving to the Netherlands should consider Leiden. With multiple canals and the iconic Molen De Valk windmill, this city is one of the country's oldest and most scenic. This city is not only naturally gorgeous, but it is also historically and culturally significant.

This city is regarded as a student city and is home to the Netherlands' oldest university. Because of the enormous student population, you might expect the city to be quite loud and active; however, Leiden may be smaller and calmer than you imagine - so don't worry about the crazy student culture!

There is plenty to do in this city, including a wide range of cultural activities to participate in.
There are 15 museums to visit, including the Naturalis Biodiversity Centre and the Museum De Lankenhal, if you are interested in history. There are also plenty of taverns, cafes, and restaurants to choose from.


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