The Benefits of a Road Trip


Road Trip by Car

Travelers seeking a getaway are flocking to road vacations now more than ever to recover some sense of normalcy in their life. Here are the top reasons to road trip, ranging from financial savings to pet friendliness.

There are no airports or morning flights.

By driving instead of flying, you can avoid the hassles of the airport.
Imagine not having to get up early in order to arrive at the airport on schedule, only to sit and wait for hours. Your vacation begins the moment you start your car on a road trip.

Schedules Can Be Adjusted

A road trip offers unparalleled flexibility. You won't have to worry about missing flights or memorizing transit schedules because you'll be driving Also, while  driving, it's much easier to stop if you see something interesting outside the window than when  flying. Your schedule is also flexible if your plans change, as long as you book hotels with free cancellation.

More Luggage Space

Say goodbye to luggage and weight constraints. You can pack the car as full as you like on a road trip. This is especially useful if you need to transport strollers, toys or other heavy objects.

Spending Less Money on Food

On an aircraft, you can't bring a large, huge refrigerator full of food and drinks, but you can on a trip! Stock up on snacks, sandwiches and other things to take with you on the trip to save money, and make sure your cooler is easily available to your passengers.

Pets are welcome as well.

Traveling with a pet on a plane can be stressful for pet owners, but road vacations are a terrific alternative. Bring your pets along for the ride, and plan your trip around pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities.

See America's Small Towns.

When flying into a big city, tiny towns are easily neglected, but on a road trip, you can stop in as many as you like. Smaller towns  generally offer more opportunities to mingle with  locals, learn fun things to do, and dine at mom-and-pop clubs.

Attractions Along the Highway

Yes, they're cheesy, but what's a road trip without them? Life Size Chocolate Lenny the  Moose in Scarborough, Maine; Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska; The blue whale from Catoosa, Oklahoma; and Rock City Gardens in Lookout Mountain, Georgia are some of the strange and fascinating roadside sites we recommend for road trippers.

Get to Know Your Travel Companions Thoroughly

Long stretches of road can be the ideal setting for a good conversation.(Of course, after a round or two of roadside bingo.) As the miles pass, you'll probably talk about a variety of things and make a lot of memories.

Spending Time Alone

A long drive can be the ideal time to have some quality alone time if you're on a solo road trip. Many seasoned road trippers will confirm that driving can be peaceful, as your attention is concentrated on a single goal - safe driving - while the motor purrs away in the background. Podcasts, audio books, and music can all help to improve the whole experience.

A Reason to Make a Great Playlist

It's easier than ever to find tunes for road trips on music streaming apps, and you'll want to make a playlist tailored to the occasion as you prepare for your trip. Make it a collaborative playlist with your travel companions to gather their feedback, and give it a memorable name so you can listen to it months later and reminisce about your trip.

Begin a New Family Tradition

Many road trippers have happy memories of their childhood car vacations with their families.
By including specific touches into your road travels, you can start establishing the foundation for your own family traditions. Do you get your family to listen to certain songs or audio books while traveling?

Will you always make a pit stop for ice cream on your way home? Do you go to a specific alpine location every summer? Games, picnics, and backseat pillow forts may all make for memorable road trips.

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