Sleepless In Seattle? - Seattle for Romance

Seattle Sunset Marina Harbor

Look no further than Seattle Washington for your next holiday if you're seeking for a romantic escape. There are so many romantic things to do in this gorgeous city, and it rains almost every day, which makes for a great excuse to cuddle under an umbrella. Even the most romantically impaired will have a hard time finding anything romantic to do in this wonderful city.

If you're stumped as to where to begin, start by holding hands. Then you can go through the Woodland Park Rose Garden holding hands. The garden is free to enter, and the aromas and sights are rather lovely, especially if your date is a flower enthusiast. If he or she isn't, there are plenty of other choices, so don't give up.

A wine tasting is one of the other alternatives. If you and your date appreciate a good glass of wine, there are several vineyards in and around Seattle that provide daily wine excursions that conclude with a wine tasting. Even if this is your first time drinking wine as a pair, it can be a lot of fun and you can learn about each other's wine preferences. On the other hand, the neighborhood has a number of breweries where you and your date can sample beers and microbrews. Trying new things together, in any case, is a terrific way to build your relationship, even if you're just starting off.

Book a hot air balloon flight if you really want to wow your date. A journey like this, especially at the correct time of day, can be not only entertaining but also highly romantic. Someone else will drive, leaving the two of you to speak and take in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds Seattle

There are countless other things you may do to bring out your inner romantic fool in addition to each of these suggestions. Without an umbrella, try strolling in the rain. After all, you're in Seattle, so you can expect rain at some time throughout your journey. Consider a night at the theater or the ballet. You have no idea how successful this is in demonstrating your love for your wife, guys. There are various theaters to pick from in the city. Silent Movie Mondays at the Paramount is a great way to see old silent movies if you're in town on Monday night.

You can enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on one of the many charter boats in the city or ride the Space Needle to the Observation Deck and gaze out at the city lights. The Wooden Boat Museum is a terrific place to discover a romantic boat to charter, or if you prefer to travel during the day in the hopes of seeing whales, there are various larger excursions that you may charter.

The main lesson is that anything you do with your partner that you both enjoy can be a romantic outing. The goal of your trip is to strengthen your bond and have fun together. So go out, have a good time, and remember why you love each other.

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