Thursday, 7 July 2016

Scientists have revealed why do flamingos stand on one leg

July 07, 2016

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Flamingos spend a lot of time partially immersed as they live, feed and breed in lagoons or other large bodies of shallow water. Six species of flamingos can be found around the world, in South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.Most large wading birds have the ability to stand on one leg, and flamingos are one of the biggest wading birds out there.The researchers discovered that when flamingos are less active or asleep they will sway less on one leg than two. Surprisingly, they could not stand deceased flamingo upright on two legs, indicating that the flamingo must use more muscles to stand on two legs than one. But in another study, New Zealand scientists observing flamingos and other wading birds found that water temperature didn’t seem to make a difference. Instead, they said, it appears that flamingos share a primitive feature also seen in whales and dolphins: the ability to shut down half the brain while sleeping. That keeps the underwater animals from drowning while asleep.

Scientists have revealed why do flamingos stand on one leg
 Flamingos stand on one leg


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