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List of Top Five Fastest Land Animals

July 27, 2014

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Here is a list of top five fastest animals around the world with pictures. Some of these fly through the air and others run on land.

1- Cheetah: (104.4 km/hr):

The fastest animal in the world is the cheetah, a member of the cat family (Felidae) that lives in the African savanna. When it is chasing its meal there is a lot more motivation to run faster. It has the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 100 km/h (62 mph) in three seconds. They are an endangered species, having disappeared from huge area, it is extremely important that we do something to protect this species.

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2- Free-tailed Bat: (96.6 km/hr):

 After Cheetah the free-tailed bat is second most fastest animal in the world. Their long narrow wings enable them to fly very fast. They are one of the most found mammals of America. They are mostly habitat to Mexico and Texas. They are aerial insectivores.

Free-tailed Bat
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3- Pronghorn: (88.5 km/hr):

The third most fastest animal is Pronghorn. It is also known as American Antelope. It is able to run over long distances than Cheetah can do. Pronghorn limbs are specially designed for running, giving them enhanced speed and endurance. They have unusual horns and live on grasslands.

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4- Springbok: (88 km/hr):

They are habitat to southern Africa. Unlike Pronghorn they are poor long distance runners.  It reaches speeds up to 88 km/hr and can leap 13 feet in the air. They are known for their incredibly fast stiff legged jumps.

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5- Wildebeest: (80.5 km/hr):

The wildebeest, an antelope, exists as two species: the blue wildebeest and the black wildebeest. Both species are fast runners. They are herbivorous and possess very sharp Horns.

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