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Five Amazing Facts About Human Brain

July 27, 2014

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Brain is considered to be the most essential part of human existence which is responsible for the ability to think, express, feel, etc. Here are some amazing facts about brain that most probably you didn't know before.

Five Amazing Facts About Human Brain

1. Human Brain does creative work better when tired:

When we are tired our brain is not good at filtering out distractions and focusing on a particular task. There are also very less chances of making connections between concepts and ideas. These two factors are important when it comes to the creative work. As this kind of work requires our mind open to the new ideas. So we also mostly say that the creative idea often comes in our mind while taking shower after a lot of stress work.

2. Our Brain Feels no Pain:

You would be amazed to know that brain is the only organ in the human body that lack nerves, this implies that our brain feels no pain.

3. Multi-tasking is impossible for Human brain:

It is literally impossible for human brain to perform different tasks simultaneously. Actually our brain performs quick switching back and forth between different tasks while multi-tasking. Research shows that twice time is required to perform the same tasks as error rate increases.

4. Human Brain Produces Electricity:

You would be surprised to know that when we are awaken our brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb. The energy produced is about 10 to 23 watts.

5. Sense of Vision Takes precedence our other senses:

Human brain rely more on the sense of vision. It is a known fact that when you read some information, you would remember only a little bit of it but when you see the information in the form of images it would be in your mind for a lot of time because its easier for brain to read and store the images than small letters in the words.


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